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Exclusive Corporate Gifting, Crafted with Care by Canada's Oldest Family-Owned Chocolate Artisans

Discover the Perfect Blend of Luxury and Tradition with Our Bespoke Confectionery Services


Meet Your Corporate Gifting Specialist: Grazi

When it comes to corporate gifting, nothing replaces a personal touch. That's where Grazi, our dedicated Corporate Gifting Specialist, comes into play. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the nuances of corporate relations, Grazi is here to ensure that your gifting experience is as flawless and unique as the chocolates we craft..

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Experience the Art of Giving

At Ganong, we recognize the challenge of selecting the perfect corporate gift. Our exclusive service for corporate clients features a range of exquisite chocolates and confections, from classic favorites to premium hand-dipped delights.

Tailored to Your Taste

Skip generic gifts with our bespoke service, tailored precisely to your specifications. Celebrate milestones, reward employees, or impress clients with offerings that reflect our century-long commitment to quality and elegance.

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Effortless Elegance

Select from our bespoke collections or customize your own. We ensure each gift reflects your organization's prestige and commitment to quality, offering more than just a gift—an experience with Ganong.

Why a Corporate Gifting Specialist Matters

Navigating the intricacies of corporate gifting requires more than just selecting a product. It demands a deep understanding of brand messaging, recipient preferences, and timely execution. Grazi brings all of this and more to the table:

Expert Guidance

Grazi works closely with you to understand your company’s culture and the message you wish to convey, ensuring that each gift reflects your brand’s prestige and ethos

Customized For You

From selecting the right flavors to designing custom packaging, Grazi ensures that every aspect of your gift is meticulously tailored to your specifications

Product Quality

Whether it’s aligning with tight deadlines or managing bulk orders, Grazi handles all the logistics, making the process seamless and stress-free for you

Connect with Grazi Today

Let Grazi take the stress out of corporate gifting. Contact her today to start crafting a gifting experience that’s as remarkable as your business. With Grazi and Ganong, you’re not just giving a gift; you’re making a statement.


More Than Just a Gift: A Strategy for Success

From holiday celebrations to corporate milestones, leverage our bespoke chocolate gifts to make every event special, enhancing client retention, employee morale, and brand impact.

New Client Gifts

Welcome new clients with a tasteful selection of chocolates to make a memorable first impression and start the business relationship on a positive note.

Employee Milestones

Celebrate significant employee milestones like work anniversaries, promotions, or retirements with customized chocolate gifts.

Thank You Gifts

Express gratitude towards clients or partners who have supported the company through significant projects or transitions.

Seasonal Celebrations

Apart from Christmas, consider other holidays like Easter, Halloween, or Valentine’s Day for themed chocolate gifts.

Event Favors

Provide chocolates as parting gifts at corporate events, conferences, or seminars to leave attendees with a sweet reminder of the occasion.

Product Launches

Mark the launch of a new product or service with a unique chocolate treat that reflects the innovation and excitement of your offering.

Corporate Anniversaries

Commemorate your company's milestones with specially designed chocolates that celebrate its history and achievements.

Referral Rewards

Encourage and thank clients or employees for referrals that lead to new business with a delightful chocolate reward.

Wellness Programs

Include premium chocolates as a part of a wellness program, offering them as indulgent rewards for participating employees.

A Glimpse Into Ganong

Founded in 1873 by brothers James and Gilbert Ganong, Ganong has a storied history as Canada's original and longest-standing family-owned chocolate company. The company, located in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, pioneered many confectionery innovations, including the first Canadian-made lollipops in 1895 and the first heart-shaped chocolate boxes in the 1930s. Known for their premium Delecto chocolates and the annual Chocolate Fest, Ganong blends tradition with innovation, continuously crafting high-quality chocolates and confections cherished across generations. For a deeper look into their rich heritage, you can visit their history page here.


Speak With Grazi Today

Grazi is our dedicated Corporate Gifting Specialist and has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the nuances of corporate relations. She is here to ensure that your gifting experience is as flawless and unique as the chocolates we craft.

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